A Quick Start with Ruby and Jekyll

jekyll website

I have seen Jekyll around here and there and it’s always a very attractive clean looking design that always offers excellent focus and draw to the right areas. I also hear it’s super easy to handle and setup static websites. This article will help get you started with Jekyll.

Installing Ruby and Jekyll

There is a small gist (shell commands) I have created for you to run that will install Ruby and Jekyll. I have run and tested it on Ubuntu (Xenial), it shouldn’t be far off from other distros, easy peasy. (https://gist.github.com/Lerie82/5490bc9052637e27024b737030d8b9fb)

Creating a Jekyll Website

This came a surprise to me when I saw that it was just like other software of this sort, it’s super easy to setup a new site by issuing a single command:

jekyll new kbteam

new jekyll site

new jekyll site

Launching the Website

bundle exec jekyll serve

After executing the command above, visit the site in your browser, probably,

jekyll website

jekyll website

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