Getting Started with Bitbucket

Bitbucket is a code repository website. I enjoy using open source sites like Github. Code repositories help people push software forward in an industry that will never die or be forgotten. Software is in almost everything these days and keeping it secure and free is important. This tutorial will help you maintain your code online (like a backup). This article will require a few things before you can continue. Ruby needs to be installed and you will also need to have homebrew installed for linux, it’s called Linuxbrew.

Bitbucket Command Line

If you are familiar with Git on the command line, this should be quite a breeze for you.

brew install git

install git with brew for bitbucket


You can set your user’s credentials with the following commands:

git config --global "YOUR NAME"
git config --global "YOUR EMAIL"

Creating a New Repo

Once logged into Bitbucket, on the left, you can click the “plus sign”, which will pull out another menu and select Repository.

bitbucket new repo

Importing a Repository

It’s pretty easy to import from Github to Bitbucket, all you need to do is provide the URL to the Github repo and select a few options about the new Bitbucket repo. The menu on the left has a plus sign, click it. A new menu will open and click on Repository under the Import section.

bitbucket import code

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